Our Commitment

The hospitality industry is a special endeavor that has at its core the sense of community, human interaction, and human connection. It brings people together, creates lasting memories, and transcends the actual dining experience. We are committed to assisting organizations and initiatives in the communities in which we do business. If your Company, Organization, or Community Event is within a 10 mile radius of Epping, Hampton or Portsmouth, New Hampshire than we are happy to consider ways to support your efforts either financially or by way of donation.

Donation Requests

Are you looking to secure a Food or Gift Card Donation?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Does your Organization have a Sponsorship Opportunity or Partnership to run by us?

Community Events

Are you looking for Food Vendors and/or Event Sponsors for an upcoming Community Event?


Donation Requests

We are so fortunate to live and do business in such robust communities comprised of organizations who are wholeheartedly committed to making an impact. In an effort to effectively field and consider the thousands of Donation Requests we receive every year, we kindly ask all requests be made after reading through our criteria and filling out our Donation Consideration Form.


  • We donate up to four Gift Cards, per month from each of our restaurant locations. Each year approximately 240 Gift Cards are donated to Community Efforts, totaling approximately $6000.00.


  • We donate Food Items twice per month for Community Events, excluding June-August*. Each year food items are donated to approximately 18 Community Events from our company.

    *June-August during this busy time, our Chefs and Culinary Teams are working extended hours. In an effort to be respectful of their time and resources, we have made the decision as a company to not offer food donations in which they would have to prepare, during these months.


  • If your Company, Organization, or Community Event is within a 10 mile radius of Epping, Hampton or Portsmouth, New Hampshire than we are happy to consider ways to support your efforts by way of donation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We understand the importance of working together and creating partnerships in our communities. The New Hampshire Seacoast is filled with so many wonderful organizations set out on a mission to offer their community a service or assistance it otherwise wouldn’t have. While we wish we were able to sponsor and partner with all of our neighboring organizations, we remind you we do have a Sponsorship Budget to adhere to. In a continued effort to streamline communication, we kindly ask if you are seeking sponsors or looking to partner, please fill out our Sponsorship Opportunity Form. From there, we can best navigate if we are in a position to jump on board and if not, how we can best work together moving forward. For Event Sponsorships please visit Community Events


  • Considerations for Sponsorships occur quarterly. Each are taken into consideration on a case by case basis with the decision dependent on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, financial circumstances, company goal alignment, location, and exposure.

organizations we ARE CURRENTLY or have PROUDLY SPONSORED:


Community Events

We love events and look forward to participating whenever possible. When committing to participate in Community Events there are quite a few moving parts for us to take into consideration to ensure our business as usual goes uninterrupted. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to consider participating in your next community event. In order to allow sufficient time to consider, evaluate, and organize submissions; we suggest submitting a Community Events Form no later than 45 days prior to your scheduled event.

COMMUNITY EVENTS WE have HAD The Pleasure of participating in

  • Passport Beer Festival

  • NHLRA Centennial Celebration

  • Maple Mania Weekend

  • Market Square Day

  • Hampton Christmas Tree Lighting

  • Experience Hampton Golf Tournament

  • Pie Palooza

  • Hungry for Hope

  • Best of New Hampshire Party

  • Chef After Dark Series

  • Taste of the Nation

  • Toast the Coast