Loyalty Cards

Galley Hatch, Tinos, Kay’s Café & Bakery

The Hampton Card is our customer loyalty program. It is our way of rewarding our regular customers with substantial savings. Hampton Cardholders earn points from purchases on food, drinks, bakery items, and gifts, and are rewarded with $15 redeemable vouchers.  $10 initiation fee rewards $15 voucher immediately. Additional $15 vouchers are awarded for every 300 points earned.

$1 purchased = 1 point.

▪   Triple-Point Mondays

▪   Double-Point Tuesdays

▪   And Bonus Point Specials throughout the year are a great way to receive rewards even faster!


Popovers on the Square Loyalty Cards

Popovers Loyalty Cards are a great way to enjoy all that our menu offers while offering substantial savings at our two Popovers on the Square locations! For a one time fee of$5.00 you will receive a Popovers Loyalty Card which rewards you in the following ways: $10 is immediately loaded onto your Loyalty Card (to be redeemed on future purchases at Popovers) For every dollar spent at Popovers (not including tax or gratuity), you get one point loaded onto your card! For every 200 points earned, $10 will be added to you Loyalty Card. The money loaded onto your Loyalty Card will be able to be used towards future purchases at either Popovers on the Square location* ‪· On Mondays any point earned is automatically doubled ‪· On Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4:00PM – Close any point earned is automatically doubled. Join at either location today!

 *Exclusions apply. Points may not be earned or redeemed with any other discount or promotional offer.